In the state of Nevada, they treat pets as the owner’s sole responsibility. If someone comes on to your property, it could be a neighbor, a friend, a delivery man, or even a repair man then you are responsible for your pet. If your dog bites any of these people, then it is your responsibility to cover the costs. A person may own a dangerous pet for protection but may not own a vicious dog.


If you are at someone’s house or even just walking down the street and are bitten by a dog, it is then your responsibility to get in contact with a dog bite attorney Las Vegas. This lawyer will be able to outline your rights for you and tell you what the other person is at fault for.  Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith is a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas. They have the experience with Las Vegas dog bite cases and will be there to support you. If you were bitten by a dog and want to take the owner to court and have them held liable, you need to prove that this owner was negligent. That the owner didn’t do everything in their power to prevent this injury from happening in the first place.