If you reside in Fontana and are in need of some legal assistance, we have the law firm that you should be contacting Broslavsky & Weinman. Especially if you are looking for a labor and employment law firm to help you with a workplace law suit. Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP are a Fontana employment law firm that can help those in the Southern California area with their cases. They can help you if you feel as though your workplace has been violating the wage and hour laws. In California they have some very specific wage and hour laws that employers need to follow. If not, then they are violating laws and you should be seeking legal action to get proper compensation and get them to be held accountable for putting their workers through some unjust working conditions.


A Fontana labor law firm, Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP will know which aspects will need to have been proven to the courts on your side. They will also know how to get that evidence and work with you through your entire wage and hour case. As an employee you have rights and your place of employment cannot violate those, though they try to increase their own profits. Your Fontana wage and hour lawyer can help you get justice if your job did not pay you minimum wage, did not pay you overtime for the excess hours you worked, did not pay you for your full job, misclassifying you as either exempt or as an independent contractor, failure to pay you your commissions, not paying you back for work related expenses, and not allowing you a rest or lunch break. These are all wage and hour violations that you should not have been put through.