Personal injury due to a medical error It is a big nightmare for many: personal injury due to a medical error. That would be medical malpractice in Philadelphia. During medical treatment, errors can occur, such as an operation error, anesthesia error or birth injury, but an incorrect diagnosis can also lead to (permanent) injury. Medical errors can occur because the practitioner, such as a surgeon or physiotherapist, has been negligent. If the patient in question suffers damage as a result, there may be a personal injury that can then be claimed. You may need to hire a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney for your specific case.

Claiming personal injury claims for medical error Lowenthal & Abrams, PC medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia support you in the event of personal injury due to a medical error. Consider an error that is due to a doctor, dentist, physical therapist or doctor; he or she has acted medically carelessly and the error is culpable. In other words, the error must have been avoided. Damage suffered (personal injury) can be recovered by the patient from the practitioner. The doctor is held liable and the personal injury claims are recovered by means of compensation, including grief. Incidentally, a complication is not seen as a medical error. Lowenthal & Abrams, PC a Philadelphia medical malpractice law firm.