Experiencing any accident with a large truck or semi can be extremely scary and overwhelming. There are some basic legal tips that are helpful when a typical auto accident occurs, but truck accidents are different than a typical car accident.

Large trucking companies now employ rapid-response teams of lawyers, investigators and accident reconstructionists. These rapid response teams start planning for the defense of a case immediately after a significant truck accident that has caused a serious injury or fatality. These teams of lawyers and experts may sometimes arrive at the scene of a terrible truck crash before the police do. The stakes in a catastrophic truck injury or death case are very high, and experienced truck accident lawyers will tell you that these rapid response teams will be very aggressive in pushing the bounds to avoid liability for crashes they have caused.

Serious truck accident cases are different, and it is very important to discuss the case with an experienced truck accident lawyer. Critical evidence that could have proved violation of important safety regulations can be destroyed. For example, log books that can prove speeding or driving over hours in a dangerously fatigued state can legally be destroyed by the trucking company shortly after a crash if they do not receive notice to preserve the evidence. Black boxes, or electronic data recorders, that can also prove critical facts can also be swiped and erased if the trucking company is not put on notice to preserve it. Gilstrap & Associates, P.C., an experienced truck accident law firm in El Paso, comprise of a team of professional that are always willing to help you in such an incident.