Legitimate tax assessments at Scammahorn Law Firm, PC Tyler tax law firm, on lawyers not only for bank transfers received from their customers and without invoices but also on cash deposited in the bank by the same professional without justification: this is the summary of an important summer sentence of the Cassation that will not fail to change the relationship between law firms and tax authorities.

According to the bank levy relief law firm in Tyler, like the entrepreneurs, even the lawyer, accountant, doctor, and any other professional must be able to explain, in case of control, where he got the cash he then paid into his account. If it fails to reconstruct the source of the money, this is considered as income in black: a presumption in favor of the tax authorities from which it is difficult to exit. But let us proceed in order. You will need a Tyler bank levy relief attorney for your situation.

Some time ago the Constitutional Court had declared inapplicable to professionals the rule, dictated instead for entrepreneurs, according to which unjustified withdrawals and payments to the account are considered as tax evasion. On the point read: Withdrawals and payments: how to avoid tax. The sentence of the Consultancy, however, was not clear: according to some, the exemption for professionals had to be considered valid only for withdrawals; according to others, it had to be extended also to payments.