Over the last century, the state and federal court system have created the right for individuals to file wrongful death actions when it is appropriate. Each state in the U.S. has a wrongful death law in place. This type of case seeks survivor loss compensation, such as for the lost wages, companionship, medical, funeral and other expenses.

Claims for wrongful death are typically filed by an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of the legal system. These cases may be brought against a wide array of companies, individuals and government agencies and their employees.

Plaintiffs: Claims are usually filed by legal representatives on behalf of survivors. Referred to as “real parties in interest,” there usually are also executors appointed for the decedent’s estate. Real parties in interest can vary in each state and may include:


-Life or Domestic Partners


-Financial Dependents

-Other Immediate Family

-Adopted Children

-Parents of Unmarried Children

-Extended Family Members

When wrongful death is suspected to have occurred, it is highly advisable to seek the advice of an experienced, professional attorney as soon as possible. Some state laws offer that spouses and life or domestic partners and dependents may recover damages. Putative spouses (those who in good faith were married to victims) may also have a viable cause of action.

Additionally, some states allow for the extended family such as brothers, sisters, and grandparents to file wrongful death claims. Any and all people who have suffered financially may in some states file claims for lost care or support, whether or not related by blood to the victim.

As is any personal injury claim, wrongful death cases are incredibly complex. This is why is essential that anyone suffering from this kind of loss should immediately seek the aid of a professional and experienced wrongful death attorney from Caruso Law Offices firm.