Each year people turn of driving age, which means there is potential for even more drivers on the road. While new drivers do not have the experience as those who have been driving for decades, they are not always the cause of an accident. In many cases new drivers are still a little scared while driving, meaning they are going exactly the speed limit on the Houston roads, they use their turn signals, they do not get in the car unless they are fully awake, and they tend to pay full attention to the road. Now new drivers are still able to cause a car accident, but even the most seasoned driver can cause an auto accident. There are many reasons a car accident can happen, but some of the most typical car accidents are fender benders; or when a car hits another from behind.


Many people think they are immune to being involved in a car collision because they are good drivers. But any skilled Houston auto accident lawyer will tell you that even the best drivers can be hit by a negligent driver on the roads. Anyone can be injured in a car accident as well. Often times people don’t think fender benders can be dangerous but depending on speed and surroundings they can be among the most serious. Charles J. Argento & Associates are a personal injury law firm in Houston who will fight for your rights as someone who was injured in an auto accident in Texas. This law firm doesn’t want another auto accident to happen and will try to educate those who cause accidents on who to prevent them, as well as represent those who are injured in such accidents.