Los Angeles shareholder dispute lawyers. Shareholder disputes can occur fairly quickly among shareholders. Entrepreneurs often work with other entrepreneurs. This is possible in various forms. The moment an organizational form is chosen whereby shares are distributed (NV or BV), it is important to think about the future. Because collaboration sometimes also leads to disagreements.

A shareholder dispute can pose a major threat to the continuity of the company. It is then important to get help from a lawyer for a dispute settlement. Disputes between shareholders Conflicts between shareholders can quickly derail into an outright dispute between these entrepreneurs. The value and continuity of the company can be jeopardized by such a shareholder dispute.

Shareholders can see their company, often their life’s work, go down in one fell swoop. Certainly, if the other party threatens to use the scorched earth tactics. Not every shareholder or depositary receipt holder can start a survey procedure. To this end, the Los Angeles¬†law provides for an arrangement whereby holders of shares or depositary receipts for shares must represent a certain value of the issued capital before they can submit such a request. Do you want to know more about your options to start a survey procedure? Then contact Law Offices of Steven J. Horn Lawyers dealing with shareholder disputes in Los Angeles.

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