Many people pay a high price for a product and expect it to last for a long time and function as expected. For example a refrigerator or cooler may be purchased to keep expensive food items at a low temperature. However the refrigerator may malfunction due to which the food products are getting spoiled repeatedly wasting the money of the user. The buyer may ask the refrigeration equipment seller for compensation, and if he refuses to compensate, it is advisable to contact a defective products lawyer who will help the consumer or buyer get the compensation he deserved to cover the losses due to the defective product that was sold. This is when you may need to contact a Houston defective products lawyer.


Charles J. Argento & Associates is one of Houston's most reputed personal injury law firm and has handled a large number of defective product cases. They will advise their client in Houston on the kind of evidence they will require, like proof of purchase, product specifications, proof of malfunctioning and the losses which were incurred because of the defect.