According to research, there is a good number of pedestrian accident cases every year. Pedestrian accidents can be a devastating and traumatic experience and can result in a permanent change to your physical state and well-being. In most cases, pedestrians sustain some of the accident harm, however, they have a right to prove the driver’s fault if they want compensation. For you to be sure of full compensation, you need the right Elizabeth lawyer.

Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Charney, LLC are a personal injury law firm in Linden who can proudly assist in this matter. Besides helping individuals involved in the accident with filing a claim, their attorneys work to collect evidence of the defendant’s fault, talk on your behalf with the insurance company, and working towards finding a lenient resolution. With many years of experience, they have represented pedestrian accident issues across the globe. Their Linden personal injury attorneys have earned designation among the clients. They have also gained recognition with extensive experience and a track record of success. Feel free to reach out!