Call a Van Nuys criminal defense law firm such as Kosnett Law Firm to defend your rights. You need a seasoned attorney to help you fight your criminal conviction. If you are someone who was accused of destroying, damaging, or stealing another person’s property then you are going to need a Van Nuys robbery lawyer to help you out. They have delivered results for people in your same situation and are ready to help do the same for you. With any crime committed there is a possibility that jail time could be a punishment. If you are not careful and don’t hire a skilled lawyer, then you could be someone who is sent to jail for a crime that didn’t necessarily require you to be behind bars.


Kosnett Law Firm are a criminal defense law firm based out of Van Nuys, California. They understand that you can be accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Just because you have been accused of the robbery in Van Nuys does not mean you are guilty. Be sure to be protected and hire a lawyer to help you fight this case and have someone on your side protecting your rights. You could be accused of shoplifting, theft, burglary, or a robbery in any case it will be important to hire a Van Nuys criminal defense attorney.